11 Years On | Jan 2024

Just like that, we’re in 2024!

This year, we’re into our 11th year of running Jesus Club, our ministry to evangelise and disciple adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) in Singapore. 11 years on, yes, we’ve grown numerically; we have 3 clubs with about 70 members with ID in total. But the substance of our programme remains the same.

At Jesus Club, we strive to teach all of the Bible in ways that persons with ID can understand, so that each member may know God to the extent that he has enabled them. We also strive to love one another deeply, so that each member may experience God’s love expressed among his people.

Please pray for all our volunteers, that we will, with God’s help, teach his Word faithfully and love our members earnestly this year.

Here are some photos of how each club kicked off the year!

JC@BFEC (Bethesda Frankel Estate Church)

A smokin’ start to the year!

JC@BA (Bethesda Church Bukit Arang)

Learning that Jesus, God’s promised Son and King, has come

JC@LKBC (Leng Kwang Baptist Church)

A craft activity to express what Jesus Club means to me