Volunteer Training Day | Mar 2024

Every year, volunteers from across our 3 clubs gather for a morning of training and mutual encouragement. On 16 March, about 40 of us met at Leng Kwang Baptist Church to learn more about how to lead small group discussions.

This topic is especially pertinent for 2 reasons.

First, every volunteer is a small group leader. Not every volunteer has an upfront role in leading songs or craft, or giving the Bible talk. But every volunteer is involved in leading or co-leading a small group. It’s important therefore to equip our volunteers to lead their small groups well.

Second, it’s during small group time that we differentiate the Bible teaching to cater to the different learning needs of our members. At every club, we have members with different support needs. There are different types of learners who also have varying abilities in speech and in reading and understanding. It’s important therefore to equip our small group leaders so that, first, they better understand each group member, and second, they can use different activities to aid understanding.

Checklist to help us better understand each member
Example of a folder task activity to help concrete learners understand that Jesus rose from the dead

We thank God for a fruitful day of learning together and encouraging one another to persevere in loving and serving our members. Do pray with us, that God will give us much wisdom (and diligence!) to communicate his Word clearly, faithfully, and creatively to our members.

Christian and Kevin sharing their experience of helping their group members apply God’s Word in their daily lives